Thunderhead, a company known for their innovations in document automation and multi-channel communications solutions, has got more than a few reasons to celebrate. After a top position in Deloitte Technology's Fast 500 for EMEA and a top 10 ranking for revenue growth in Software Magazine's Software 500, the communications superstars are being acknowledged in a huge way by a huge company.

In recognition of their sales success, solution development and easy integration with various IBM technologies, the company has been declared IBM's 2008 ISV Partner of the Year.

Thunderhead's business-user-centric platform enables organizations to generate personalized, multi-channel customer communications. In only three years of partnership with IBM, Thunderhead has deployed its NOW platform, in full integration with IBM ECM technologies, for more than twenty customers worldwide.

Through their partnership the two companies enable organizations to better communicate with customers and improve service and satisfaction, all while maintaining internal benefits like streamlining processes and lowering cost and risk. Thunderhead and IBM technologies combine to deliver solutions for a broad range of industries, including financial services, insurance, healthcare and government.

"We are both delighted and honored that IBM named us its ISV Partner of the Year," said Glen Manchester, CEO of Thunderhead. "This award illustrates the vital role our joint solutions play in the financial services, insurance, healthcare and government industries. It also acknowledges our team and the outstanding work they have done in building a productive and mutually beneficial relationship with IBM."

They've Been Busy

The award comes on the heels of a year of record revenue for Thunderhead. Despite today’s topsy-turvy economic conditions, Thunderhead experienced what they’re calling “outstanding growth” in 2008, accomplishing a whopping 30 percent increase in revenues. An increase in its North American operations in particular helped this boost. 

Manchester commented, "We are extremely pleased by our performance in 2008. Our strong growth and profitability in a tough economy is a testament to the value that our software delivers. Our technology delivers rapid and substantial ROI and we will continue to focus on delivering innovative, new capabilities to help our clients reduce costs and operational risk, while improving the way they communicate and engage with their customers."

There's No Time Like the Present

The Thunderhead NOW Platform consists of the NOW Engine and the Content Repository. The all-in-one solution boasts functionalities for campaign management, enhanced across-the-board management visibility, and quantitative reporting capabilities.

Over a year ago we were skeptical about Thunderhead's ability to walk the talk, but obviously they have proven their capabilities a few times over. 

For more information about the company, visit their site here