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IBM has been selected by Iron Mountain Incorporated to power its new Digital Record Center for Images, which provides organizations with hosted storage and quick access to scanned images, PDFs and other digital files. Iron Mountain is a leader in information protection and storage services. They are using IBM Content Manager OnDemand, IBM's Web Interface for Content Management, IBM DB2 data server, and IBM WebSphere Application Server to enable and support the information management requirements of its Digital Record Center. "The Digital Record Center for Images marries leading information management software from IBM with our Storage-as-a-Service expertise. The result is a secure, scalable repository for a company's most accessed records and a pay-as-you-go service that frees companies from the costs and risks of maintaining their own in-house solution," said Chris Churchill, vice president of document management solutions at Iron Mountain. "Combined with our physical document management and imaging capabilities, we can offer customers a true lifecycle solution: we can manage the physical document, convert it and then put it into our hosted archive to provide electronic access." The IBM software Iron Mountain will use to help transform its business and deliver information in the right context includes a number of advanced data and content management technologies. Among these are: * IBM Content Manager OnDemand which delivers high-performance, high-volume enterprise report management and content storage providing streamlined, automatic access and distribution of selected reports and documents to authorized users, support for e-bill presentment and payment solutions, and customer self-service access to bills, invoices and statements. * IBM WEBi, an interactive Web Client for IBM Content Manager and IBM Content Manager OnDemand that uses open standards and supports Web 2.0 and AJAX technologies. IBM WEBi is easily customizable and can be rapidly deployed to a business user's desktop, providing users with the ability to search, view and edit documents and/or multiple content types through a visually appealing and intuitive user interface. * DB2 is a database server ideal for customers like Iron Mountain. With innovations like Deep Compression and pureXML, DB2 Viper is effective at reducing storage costs and enabling Web 2.0 applications for businesses of all sizes. * IBM WebSphere Application Server is the foundation of the IBM WebSphere software platform and a key building block for a service oriented architecture. It delivers a high performance transaction engine that can help you build, run, integrate and manage dynamic applications. "Enabling partners and clients like Iron Mountain to access and use data exactly when and how they need it to improve their business processes is the aim of our cross-company Information on Demand strategy," said Ken Bisconti, vice president, product and strategy, for IBM Enterprise Content Management. "The combination of IBM's information and content management software is helping Iron Mountain establish its Digital Record Center for Images and forge the transformation of processes and business models to create competitive advantage." Visit IBM for more information on their Information on Demand strategy.