Information Lifecycle Management is Critical for Organizations Who Now Face Legal Requirements for Massive Data Storage and Long-Term Retention. LM Summit West 2005 announced dual keynotes that address the critical importance of Information Lifecycle Management (ILM). ILM Summit will focus on the rapid emergence of ILM into a multi-billion-dollar industry driven by government regulatory requirements, such as Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA and Graham-Leach-Bliley, and tightening corporate governance requirements.Paul O'Brien, senior director of ILM Products and Solutions for HP will deliver a keynote address entitled "ILM Is Not Just Storage." Rick Bauer, CIO at The Hill School and former chair of the Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA) End User Council, will deliver a keynote address entitled "ILM for the Terrified: Real-World Insights from Surviving End-Users." "Information lifecycle management has become a top priority for businesses of every type. In this new compliance-driven era, executives must meet the requirements to archive and retain information, while minimizing management and storage costs," said Dr. Lance A. Leventhal, program chairperson of ILM Summit West 2005. "Bottom line, companies must implement cost-effective ILM strategies or face the consequences. Failure to do so can lead to large fines and even jail terms for their executives." ILM Summit West 2005 takes place in Irvine, California on February 8 - 9 at the Atrium Hotel ( ). The conference will focus on regulatory and compliance issues, storage systems, storage management software, document management systems, file systems, records management systems, archiving software and services, security systems, and content management systems. Conference attendance is priced at $1,195 with discounts for early registration. The ILM Summit is an ideal warm-weather venue for C-level officers, IT managers and staff members, software and hardware designers, product planners, engineering managers, system architects, directors of business development, VARs, OEMs, consultants, product managers, and marketing managers who deal with storage and compliance issues. End users will want to attend ILM Summit West 2005 to understand the implications of information lifecycle management to their organization's storage and compliance strategies and best practices. IT professionals from the Los Angeles and San Diego chapters of SNUG will meet at ILM Summit. The SNUG meeting is open to all IT professionals interested in storage and ILM-related issues. ILM experts from EMC, HP, IBM, Network Appliance, StorageTek, Symantec, Veritas, and emerging suppliers will address key topics such as regulatory compliance, consolidation, and content management. Keynote speaker Bauer is a Governing Board Member of the SNIA End User Council and a Board Member of the SNIA Technology Center. Bauer will present results from a recent SNIA end user survey of beliefs about the fast-moving field of information lifecycle management. In his keynote address HP's Paul O'Brien will examine ILM's core requirements and benefits and the logical steps involved in implementing it for competitive advantage. Daniel Delshad, Chairman of ASNP will also address the keynote audience. The ILM Summit West 2005 program includes practical information on the latest advances in ILM and demonstrations of the latest new products and solutions for hierarchical storage systems, multi-platform file systems, content management systems, security, availability, regulatory and compliance issues, document and record management, and business continuity planning. An all-day tutorial with speakers from many leading companies is designed to bring the IT end user quickly up to speed. Learn More: