MetaVis Releases SharePoint Compare Tool
MetaVis (newssite) has added a new capability its suite of SharePoint migration tools, helping your organization implement better governance over your SharePoint implementations.

Compare For Compliance

The new feature is called MetaVis Live Compare and it's a small but very useful feature. If you are in the processing of migrating from SharePoint 2007 to SharePoint 2010 or just changing the structure within your current SharePoint implementation, then this feature will help you see the differences between the content, taxonomy, IA, security and permissions of two sites. 

livecompare screen shot.jpg

MetaVis Live Compare

But it's not just about seeing the differences. You can also use this tool to apply any changes required to bring your SharePoint sites in compliance with policies and improve the quality of your search results -- something many organizations struggle with.

SharePoint can easily get out of control within an organization making it hard to meet governance policies,” said Steven Pogrebivsky, CEO and Co-founder of MetaVis Technologies. “The Live Compare! feature turns MetaVis Architect Suite into a powerful compliance and control tool for your SharePoint environment.”

Live Compare is a client side tool, so there is no installation of software on the server at all. It's a part of the MetaVis Architecture Suite, which includes a number of tools for managing your both your SharePoint content and metadata migrations.