Improve SharePoint Search and eDiscovery with MetaVis Tools
When we first looked at the new MetaVis Technologies (news, site) tools for SharePoint, we knew there would be a lot of interest from enterprise struggling to manage and control their SharePoint implementations.

These tools which include taxonomy support and metadata management for SharePoint -- both MOSS and Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 -- are any SharePoint architect's dream, helping with the creation, deployment and management of SharePoint sites.

Today they are generally available to the public and CMSWire caught up with Steve Pogrebivsky, MetaVis CEO and Co-Founder, to check on how the products are being received.

Architect and Classify

There are two primary tools available from MetaVis, including the SharePoint Architect and the SharePoint Classifier.

  • SharePoint Architect: Architect enables you to develop and maintain SharePoint taxonomies. A visual designer that enables you to create two dimensional graphical diagrams of your SharePoint repository without having to work in an actual physical SharePoint environment.
  • SharePoint Classifier: Classifier provides the ability to organize your SharePoint content, including importing, tagging and moving content within the SharePoint environment.

You can read a more detailed review of the products from our previous article.

Tool Improvements

With over 400 beta testers working with the SharePoint tools since February of this year, MetaVis has had a great deal of feedback and suggestions for improvements.

A couple of new features added to SharePoint Architect include support for Word and other Office document metadata.

You can also expect to see a Web Part version of the SharePoint Classifier sometime in July (it's currently in the QA process). It doesn't have the bulk import capabilities yet, but Pogrebivsky said there was a strong demand for the Classifier capabilities without having to use a client-side tool.

In addition to these improvements, MetaVis is working on the ability to use the tools for bulk rollout changes to multiple sites and site collections, something enterprises with a heavy SharePoint implementation would definitely desire.

For those of you who may be wondering, there will also be a SharePoint 2010 version of MetaVis Architect out sometime in Q1 of 2010.

Improving Search and eDiscovery

The MetaVis Tools for SharePoint go a long way to improve the searching of content within SharePoint. Likewise, eDiscovery becomes much easier now that sites are designed and implemented with proper taxonomies and existing content is uploaded and classified properly.

Popular with Consultants

While these tools are likely in demand by enterprises and SharePoint consultants alike, MetaVis has found that 75% of their downloads are by Microsoft Consultants and MVPs.

Pogrebivsky also says they are being compared to companies like AvePoint and Quest, both of whom offer a subset of the functionality MetaVis does along with more SharePoint management functionality and to SchemaLogic, who takes a different approach (non-graphical UI) to designing SharePoint taxonomies.

Being compared to AvePoint makes MetaVis wonder if they should consider branching out and offering more general SharePoint provisioning capabilities. However that appears to be a fairly competitive market at this point and we think their time would be better served focusing on more design tools for the SharePoint Architect market. 

If you are hanging out at the SharePoint Tech Conference in Boston today through Wed, MetaVis is there. Stop by and get an in person view of their solutions.