Improved User Experience for Document Management Solution docSTAR
New York-based docSTAR has just upgraded and released its v3ten document management solution, which the company says represents a significant upgrade to its platform.

Like the other eight upgrades and/ or releases to the other document management systems that have been covered here since the beginning of August alone, this one, the company says, will revolutionize the document management world.

The principal difference over their 3.9 version, which was released last October, appears to be a better user experience all round.

New modules With v3.9

To give it a little bit of context, V3.9 was touted as a “significant update” to previous versions of the software.

docSTAR said at the time that along with the easy-to-use functionality, v3.9 added searchable text annotations, audit trail enhancements, broader native file support and other admin improvements.

Two new modules were also added, and both make an appearance in v3.10. They included:

  • Records Management: Automated document retention policies help minimize risk and aid in regulatory compliance.
  • Business Document Package: Enabled businesses to create a document checklist with "slots" designed to gather and track a set of documents necessary to complete a business workflow.

Improved User Experience

And now v3.10 has been released with what does, in fact, appear to be quite a number of new, or improved, additions.

Leaving aside the claims by Ray Emirzian that this document management system is an “elegant” document management system, there are a number of features that should make this popular with users.

  • Customizable My docSTAR area that includes alerts, favorites and windows
  • Static navigation panel that follows you no matter where you are in the system
  • Advanced search features with auto-suggest features
  • Thumbnail preview that makes finding documents easier to find in a window.

Workflow Upgrades

An improved platform wouldn’t be improved without improvements to the workflow (say that three times fast!).


docSTAR workflow interface

docSTAR v3ten optimizes daily document processing tasks by simplifying workflows and providing more automation options than in previous versions.

Improvements include:

  • Single document approvals when required
  • Enhanced Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
  • Multi-Document handling allowing users to process multiple documents at the same time

Business Document Package

But the feature that will probably elicit the most response from users is the redeveloped Business Document Package, for the simple reason that changes were based on user feedback to the module.


Business Document Package screen

BDP comes with:

  • A new interface
  • A redesigned security model
  • Multi-designated alerts

Different Editions, Different Options

There are a number of different editions available and docSTAR v3ten can be implemented for as few as ten users. For companies with over 100 users, there is the enterprise edition.

There are also a number of different options available whether it is entire Turnkey solutions, or asoftware-only option, making it quite flexible in how it can be used and applied.

It's already available so if you’re looking for another document management system upgrade . . .