Information Management: The Tides They Are A-Turnin’?
The world of Enterprise Content Management saw the beginning of a possible new direction last week when Mark Lewis, president of EMC’s (news, site) Content Management and Archiving division took the stage at EMC World 2009.

Lewis’ main argument was that the majority of present day information is a total mess (that's nothing new). He specifically focused on the dangers of unstructured data floating around without hide nor hair of an application or database. After all, vagrant infomation is like kryptonite for both business efficiency and security.

In order to nip this super-sized problem in the bud, Lewis suggested moving away from application-centric management in favor of information-centric management:

“…creating a flexible, adaptive information environment requires moving beyond the typical content management platform to focus on a composition platform that accelerates application development," he said.

Lewis specifically cited composition, business process automation, integrated archiving and cloud computing as key areas through which the value of information management technologies can be maximized.

Interested in the vision? Check out Lewis' full keynote here