Informative Graphics Joins the Paperless Office
Going green seems an integral part of content management systems, but when you stop to consider all the documents and information being archived, analyzed and managed there's bound to be a fair amount of paper along the way.

But there will be a little less paper thanks to Informative Graphics Corporation (news, site), a provider of viewing, collaboration and redaction technology. They've announced a partnership with The Paperless Project Coalition and its Go Green Initiative.

The goal is to create a "paperless office" by transforming the relationship organizations have with paper. By identifying paper intensive processes within an organization and replacing them with e-solutions, The Paperless Project Coalition, sponsored by Square 9 Softworks, will help to eliminate the overwhelming need for paper. As well, it makes things a bit more efficient and hopefully less expensive.

IGC joins a group of organizations committed to providing all that is necessary in making document management more green. With IGC's suite of annotation and redaction software, it and other solutions like front-end capture, core repository and image conversion, help to "supplant old paper-based processes" with e-management.

Going green is not just limited to saving paper, it's also an initiative to save energy, time and money.