Informative Graphics Releases Redact-It Enterprise
With the amount of information flowing through content management systems these days and the ease at which organizations are now able to upload, scan and otherwise get documents in their CMS, privacy has become a big concern. The last thing an organization needs is to have sensitive information about their customers released to the public.Most CMS's see this problem and some have resolved it by partnering with a company that provides redaction technology - Informative Graphics. Today, Informative Graphics have announced the latest release of their Redact-It Enterprise Server Software.Redact-it Software SuiteThe Redact-It Enterprise Suite is a set of scanning, desktop and server software that can automatically detect and remove sensitive information like social security numbers and credit card information before those documents are released to a wider viewing audience. We told you about the Brava desktop software that has been integrated with Interwoven Worksite late April. In particular we noted the secure Content Sealed Format which is similar to the PDF format except that it can't be modified after it's created.

Example of a Redact-It Desktop Verify Process

Redact-It Enterprise ServerToday, Informative Graphics has released the new version of it's enterprise server software. This server enables the bulk processing of document and image files on-demand. Features of Redact-It Enterprise include:* Fault tolerance and scalability for enterprises* Policy-based intelligent redaction* Redacts a number of document and image formats including PDF, Word, TIFF and email formats* Outputs to PDF, TIFF and CSF* Integration into Content Management Systems and document portalsThe Redact-It software has already been integrated into content management systems such as EMC Documentum, Interwoven (discussed above), SharePoint and Open Text LiveLink. It's also integrated into a number of scan/capture systems like Kofax Ascent Capture.

Example of a Redact-It Desktop Finalize Process

This technology would be highly used in governments and legal organizations as a way to cleanse sensitive information from documents. You can even see it's use in financial institutions and HR departments in almost any company. As we move further into the use of content management systems for storage of all documents and information and continue to make that information available to a wider audience, technology like Redact-It needs to be considered. If you aren't locking the information in your file cabinet then take a closer look at the Redact-It Suite of Software.