INSL, a UK based security and networking vendor, has updated its email content management service, SpheriQ, to help customers achieve records management compliance with regulations such as Sarbanes Oxley and the Basel II Accord. SpheriQ�s new features enable organizations both to enforce internal policies and meet external regulatory demands.The new compliance release adds an "Auditor" role with exclusive access to data relating to individual users. It also enhances the overall audit capability across the entire system. More importantly, however, it adds a "Personal WebMail" facility so that employees can separate business and private email, with equal protection for both but without audit scrutiny of the latter. By identifying emails as being business or personal, effective auditing and archiving can be enforced without impinging rights to individual privacy. A selective, searchable archive is the final component of the compliance release. "Large organizations typically transfer many millions of bytes of information via email every day. Monitoring and auditing the content of messages and attachments is increasingly a compliance requirement, as is ensuring that information has not been destroyed or altered", says Ken Watt, of INSL. Although Sarbanes Oxley does not mandate specific controls for email systems it does address the availability, integrity and preservation of any information that is material to the act � often material stored or transmitted via email. Effective archive and search tools are essential to comply with this aspect of the Act. Basel II also demands high-level controls over the processing, transmission and storage of information, which has significant implications for the way financial services organizations in Europe manage their email systems. Additional information: