Intelligent Redaction Added to PSI:Capture Suite
It's a common requirement for many organizations -- the ability to mask certain data in scanned documents so that it can't be seen by the wrong the people (or people who just don't need to see it).

PSIGEN (news, site) has updated its document scanning and capture suite, PSI:Capture, with that ability through the addition of Intelligent redaction.

A new feature in PSI:Capture 3.5.2, the system can be configured to automatically scan for confidential information such as a social security number or a credit card number and redact it (black it out). You can also create template for common documents that will automatically redact certain information.

While automated redaction is the optimal approach, manual redaction is also available.

Intelligent redaction is just the latest enhancement to the PSI:Capture product. Also included is SharePoint WebDav folder monitoring, advanced data extraction and triggered image processing.

As one of a number of document scanning and capture solutions specialized for SharePoint, PSI:Capture has all the features required to keep an organization compliant and their content secure.