Interwoven Inc. the world's next-generation enterprise content management (ECM) company, today announced Interwoven WorkSite MP 4.0, enterprise-class collaborative document management software for multiple platforms. The new version features improved usability, better business-unit level configurations, and enhanced compliance capabilities. WorkSite MP 4.0 brings collaborative document management to front-office professionals (such as lawyers, consultants, and other domain experts) improving employee effectiveness and productivity, and enabling business managers to easily solve compliance challenges. As enterprises embark on collaborative projects such as new product introductions, deal and contract management and other general project management, they face common bottlenecks that stand in the way of peak performance. "Today's enterprises face many collaboration challenges, which are exacerbated because of distributed processes across internal teams with partners, vendors, and other external parties," said Charles Brett, vice president, META Group. "On top of that, team members are dispersed and traveling, trying to be productive while minimizing risk in this era of compliance. Companies seek highly flexible software, such as a collaborative document management solution, that maximizes team performance and meet external standards such as compliance and security." Interwoven WorkSite MP 4.0 Server software provides a strong foundation for companies to solve the most daunting collaboration and document management challenges. WorkSite MP is an Internet-based product suite that delivers collaboration and document management solutions capabilities to allow teams, departments, and divisions of even the largest enterprises to collaborate, build, and share information and manage projects. The software is available in a browser-based interface, integrated with front-office applications such as Microsoft Office, Outlook, and Lotus Notes, or as portlets for the industry's most widely used portals. Vindico Retail provides design & execution of retail delivery solutions to the US and UK retail property markets, and currently uses Interwoven WorkSite to support planning, construction, and tenant coordination for retail properties. The complexity of the firm's projects places a premium on collaboration, given the large and diverse external teams assembled for each development. Similarly, the vast amounts of documentation involved in the process, ranging from initial design concepts to legal agreements, made document management an urgent need. "We're excited about the new functionality that will be afforded us in WorkSite MP 4.0, specifically the ability to give our front-office users powerful collaborative features, and making them available within the applications that they're already using," said Marc McQuain, president of Vindico Retail. "We expect the improved ease-of-use to result in more rapid user adoption, decreased training costs, and faster ROI." Enterprise-Class Collaborative Document Management WorkSite MP 4.0 is the only true multi-platform collaborative document management solution in the marketplace today, and the first document management platform built from the ground up to tap the power of the open computing standards of J2EE and XML. This provides unmatched flexibility in being able to leverage existing corporate standards and multiple-platform support while at the same time delivering unmatched system performance and interoperability. Plus, the unique caching and security model of WorkSite MP 4.0 keep a company's collaborative content safe, secure, yet at the same time, readily available to those with proper access rights both within and beyond the company. "CIOs are investing in collaboration and document management solutions that accelerate employee performance and meet today's core IT challenges of global scalability, security, and compliance," said Chris Cummings, vice president of Collaborative Document Management Solutions for Interwoven. "The WorkSite MP product suite, and the watershed that is our 4.0 release, meets this paradigm by extending our lead in usability with our new offline client and delivering new document retention and application configuration capabilities, all on our market-leading security designed for global rollouts. The completeness and out-of-the box functionality of WorkSite MP 4.0 drive rapid user adoption that helps ensure success of collaborative document management initiatives to close deals quickly, improve service levels, and improve productivity." Key Features of Interwoven WorkSite MP 4.0 - Records Retention - WorkSite MP 4.0 has the ability to declare items including documents, folders, and even entire workspaces, and apply retention rules that govern retention and disposition of specifically identified items. Records managers can use an administrative console to manage declared items; - Offline Mode - This module enables users to add and edit content including documents, collaborative items such as discussion threads, calendar items and even an entire workspace - all while disconnected from the repository. It includes conflict resolution when users re-synchronize content, maximizing productivity for busy, on-the-go professionals; - BEA Portlets - Portlets expose personal content such as subscriptions, checked out documents and workflow inbox, within the BEA WebLogic Portal. Portlets offer an alternative home page for companies with employee and partner portals; - Virtual Folders - These aggregate content from across the repository using a combination of full text and metadata search criteria. Virtual folders help users leverage organizational knowledge and efficiently re-use it within their projects; - Configuration Tools - Individual departments can now completely localize their interface to an enterprise repository centrally managed by IT, helping to drive the adoption of corporate document management practices by bringing enterprise technology to business users in a form that is intuitive to them; - .Net SDK - Companies can leverage their Microsoft skills to customize the desktop applications through the fully documented .NET software development kit. OEMs can use the SDK to develop full .NET applications. Availability Interwoven WorkSite MP 4.0 will be available in June. For a full list of product features and benefits, visit About Interwoven Interwoven, Inc. is the world's next-generation enterprise content management (ECM) company. Interwoven's patented, award-winning ECM platform integrates the six pillars of content management: collaboration, e-mail management, document management, Web content management, digital asset management, and records management. Allied with the leading enterprise application providers, the Interwoven ECM platform provides complete, end-to-end content management for more than 2,800 organizations worldwide including Air France, Citibank, Ford, General Electric, Jones Day, Pfizer, Procter & Gamble, and Yamaha. For more information visit