The company, today announced the availability of WorkSite 8.0, the industry's first platform designed specifically for matter centric collaboration in law firms. WorkSite 8.0 incorporates a new paradigm known as "matter centric collaboration," (MCC). MCC represents a fundamental, user-centric design, which, for the first time, enables lawyers and other professional services practitioners to do in the electronic world what they have done for more than 100 years in the physical world. MCC creates the true electronic equivalent of a case file by consolidating documents, e-mails, billing, contacts, and all other relevant content for any given matter in a single integrated file that is accessible both internally and externally across departments and locations. Key Features in Interwoven WorkSite 8.0: Practice Group Collaboration. WorkSite 8.0 provides firms with a single online workspace where all content related to any given matter can be stored, including documents, bills, attorney notes, memos, e-mail, and other correspondence. Unlike paper files, this virtual case file can be shared and accessed securely by clients and remote colleagues, eliminating the delays and costs associated with e-mailing and shipping content. -E-mail Management. WorkSite 8.0 enables outbound and inbound e-mails to easily be shared, stored, collaborated on, and captured as records in context alongside other forms of correspondence and communication within the virtual matter file. This functionality provides support for effective records management by capturing every e-mail within the matter to which it pertains. -Data Centralization. WorkSite 8.0 features the WorkSite Server with Caching, which allows firms to centralize their systems in regional or global data centers, reducing cost of ownership and enhancing business continuity planning, while giving users LAN-like performance and transparency even when accessing documents stored in remote libraries. -Intranets, Extranets, and Support for .NET. WorkSite 8.0 uses the Microsoft .NET framework, C# and ASP.NET for Web applications to provide a next-generation platform for seamless intranet and extranet creation; the WorkSite SDK is also now fully .NET compliant. With this move to .NET, Interwoven WorkSite users can expose Web services for workspace creation. -Knowledge Management. WorkSite 8.0 automatically captures searchable metadata such as client, matter, industry, and jurisdiction based on the folders in which documents are stored, with little or no profiling required of the user. By ensuring that good quality metadata is captured, WorkSite 8.0 makes it simple to search a firm's entire collective knowledge in the context of daily work, helps firms promote the robust re-use of information, brings new team members up to speed quickly, and preserves institutional memory and insight. "With WorkSite 8.0, Interwoven is redefining the role of document management and collaboration in law firms and corporate legal departments," said Dan Carmel, vice president, legal and enterprise compliance solutions for Interwoven. "WorkSite 8.0 goes far beyond simple document management to provide a collaborative environment in which to manage the complete electronic matter file globally. Our system fully supports MCC and enables firms to increase efficiency, provide better service to clients, and gain competitive advantage in the changing legal landscape." Read.