Interwoven Extends Email Content Management

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Interwoven recently announced they are enhancing their e-mail management solution to include support for Lotus Notes. The new E-mail Management for Notes module is an addition to already available offerings for Microsoft Outlook and Novell GroupWise. Interwoven's E-mail Management solution is based on Interwoven WorkSite 8, a leading collaborative document management system.E-mail management has become a pressing issue for today's professional services firms and enterprises that rely on e-mail for an increasingly large volume of critical business communications.According to a survey of leading law firms conducted in 2003 by Interwoven, more than 70% of such firms report that the majority of their client and engagement communication occurs via e-mail.Typically, e-mail is stored in user in-boxes, on local hard drives, and in server-based e-mail archives, outside whatever document management system an organization might have in place.The challenge organizations face today is to ensure that all e-mail is captured and managed in a rational way. Driving factors include collaboration needs, compliance, and customer service.Interwoven's E-mail Management for Notes solution brings an integrated approach to managing day-to-day correspondence and documents in a way that streamlines work process and leverages the environment users are accustomed to today.The solution consists of:E-mail Management for NotesWith the E-mail Management for Notes module, the entire Interwoven WorkSite repository is exposed to Notes users as a traversable set of engagement-based folders.Interwoven WorkSite Communication ServerWorkSite Communication Server software makes it simple for companies to capture inbound and outbound e-mail correspondence in context by engagement, and merge it with other relevant documents and content in a collaborative document management system.The first release is expected in Q3 2004.Learn more.