Interwoven Updates RecordsManager Solution
Obviously not one to rest on their laurels after recognizing record profits and getting top honors in Gartner’s MarketScope for Web Content Management 2008, enterprise content management provider Interwoven has come out with some upgrades to its RecordsManager solution designed to "significantly expand upon Interwoven's strategy of delivering an integrated governance solution for electronic documents and physical records" As an ECM vendor, Interwoven is well informed of the challenges and risks of managing records today. Especially considering we aren't talking simply about paper or electronic records, but always some combination of the two and even more things like email, images and other types of media. With everything they have to contend with, from regulatory records management requirements to compliance and eDiscovery requirements, organizations need to have a solution that they can customize to meet the specific needs of their organization. And they don't want a lot of hassle. Interwoven believes they have provided that solution with their newest version of their RecordsManager Product.

RecordsManager Overview

Interwoven's RecordsManager 5.2 is a product that enables organizations to manage all types of records including physical, electronic and email within a single system. The solution has the following functionality: * Consistent Policies: Applies consistent policies across record types and systems * Retention Policies: Centrally manages retention policies * Policy Association: Automatically associates policies with documents * Tracking: Tracks paper records both on and off-site

New Features in RecordsManager 5.2

The latest version of RecordsManager introduces a number of new capabilities that provide organizations with the highest level of customization necessary to meet their records management needs: * User Experience Improvements: A new persona-based interface enables organizations to create profiles based on roles within the organization and how the role must interact with records * Application Designer: An updated application designer provides improvements in the design and maintenance of forms and reports * Improvement Deployment: Faster and easier deployments

Integration with New eDiscovery Solution

With the acquisition of Discovery Mining finally completed, we are curious to understand how these two solutions will be integrated, if at all. Will the functionality be combined under one product solution or will we see two different offerings somehow connected through interfaces? Interwoven is going to great lengths to ensure their clients have the best solutions for records and discovery management. It will be interesting to see how their final solution competes against the likes of EMC Documentum and HP.