Intoscape's eCommerce Solution in a CMS Basket

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Intoscape - About Total Commerce Management Limited
If you're running a company that depends on eCommerce, you're probably familiar with the hassles of working in a commodity dependent businesses where margins are tight, prices volatile, and product supply unpredictable. UK software developer Intoscape has come to the rescue with Total Commerce Management (TCM), a system that will help UK retailers manage their supply chain, monitor competitors, automate pricing and content and optimize procurement and data exchange. Intoscape's TCM claims to be the world's most advanced integrated eCommerce platform, and since it offers automated Supply Chain, Competitive Analysis, Content Management and Procurement in a single application platform, we can understand why. Inventory ManagementThe suite uses a number of business related algorithms meant to assist the product management teams in creating catalogs of the inventory and also helps them fix prices by taking market forces into consideration. They will also be able to expand or contract their profit margins as specific market conditions require them to.By consolidating inventory data from multiple sources across vertical markets into a single database, retailers will be able to reduce the number of employees deployed for inventory management. As much as we hate to see people lose their jobs, companies have a responsibility to cut costs whenever they can do so without sacrificing quality, and this seems like one of those cases. Content ManagementTCM includes an editable and automated content management system to develop and present content in a website or direct sales CRM interface.By using TCM's home brewed CMS rather than third party software, merchandisers and product managers can manage the content on the web with minimal technical support.Keeping an Eye on the CompetitionTCM also helps retailers keep a watch on their competitors, collecting comparative information by scanning the public domain of the internet. The data is then stored in a database for comparison of prices and offers of competitors.ShippingIntoscape's crafty algorithms also let the program recommend the most optimal way to ship a product, calculating costs involved with each available means and choosing the cheapest one available. The software can be connected to XML ordering or EDI systems with selected suppliers.Steve Willock, managing director of TCM, said: "Intoscape bridges the gap between the aspirations of e-commerce businesses for more insight and control and their practical capabilities, offering them a performance breakthrough."Visit Intoscape for more information.