IXIASOFT, a producer of native XML databases and search engines, has announced the availability of TEXTML Server 3.6. This latest release targets organizations who requiring enterprise scalability, enabling efficient management, search, and sort for extremely large document databases.Key features of TEXTML Server 3.6 include: Syndicated Search Developed for the management of large volumes of content, the TEXTML Server “Meta Services” feature enables users to query multiple document bases from a single and/or multiple physical servers as if they were querying one single document base. As such, users will obtain one search result, sorted according to any specified sorting criteria. Aimed at document bases managing terabytes of heterogeneous information, this feature elevates TEXTML Server's information retrieval capabilities to a new height - where volume of content simultaneously searched and sorted is virtually unlimited. Document Fragment Return As part of IXIASOFT’s continued efforts to optimize searching capabilities, TEXTML Server now enables users to access fragments of a document upon a search result, instead of the whole document. This feature maximizes the speed at which search results can be obtained. For example, users can select to have only specific fields returned (e.g., Title and Author) which optimizes the access of search results and reduces the amount of processing (XSLT) required on the application tier, especially when dealing with large volumes of documents. “These are definitely customer-driven features and were developed to answer large-scale needs. With TEXTML Server 3.6, there is now virtually no limit to the number of documents users can store and index in our repository.” said Jean-Paul Chauvet, Vice-President of Sales & Marketing at IXIASOFT. Interested parties can download a 30-day trial version of the software.