IXOS DocuLink Repository Manager Certified by SAP(R) to Improve Operational Efficiency and Content Re-Use and to Lower Total Cost of Ownership. IXOS SOFTWARE AG, a leader in enterprise content management (ECM) solutions, today announced that its IXOS DocuLink Repository Manager 1.0 has received integration certification with the SAP NetWeaver(TM), SAP's open integration and application platform. DocuLink Repository Manager enables SAP business content that is archived within the IXOS Enterprise Content Repository (ECR) to be integrated with live content from Knowledge Management within the SAP(R) Enterprise Portal solution. It gives organizations greater control over their business content and allows them to implement full-text search, classification and collaboration scenarios by re-using the generic Knowledge Management services offered by SAP on top of a heterogeneous repository landscape. As one of two pilot document management solutions to be integration certified by SAP, DocuLink Repository Manager incorporates SAP solution-related information archived in IXOS ECR and delivers both content and context information, such as audit trail and approval, etc. into Knowledge Management. This integration makes it possible for companies using Knowledge Management and SAP Enterprise Portal to provide both frequent and occasional users with a cost effective method for searching and accessing both live content and content archived within the IXOS ECR through a Web browser. The intuitive navigational structure allows users to easily drill down and find all related content, eliminating costs associated with training and manual, paper-based processes, while increasing process transparency. Users concentrate on results not searching. Increased productivity is also achieved by allowing users to reuse content through Knowledge Management without having to re-implement processes. The IXOS DocuLink Repository Manager offers a comprehensive, unified view of SAP solution-based content that is archived in IXOS ECR. With this integration, customers can perform full text searches and apply classification scenarios by re-using the services of Knowledge Management. Advanced authority checks for SAP solution-based content that is archived in IXOS ECR, which is also part of this integration. "IXOS is committed to helping customers maximize the value of their informational assets through comprehensive ECM solutions," said Hartmut Schaper, chief technology officer, IXOS Software AG. "By combining IXOS DocuLink Repository Manager with Knowledge Management, companies now have a seamless, immediate user experience for browsing and accessing the most comprehensive set of content in real time to significantly improve operational efficiencies." Companies have already expressed interest in using IXOS DocuLink Repository Manger with SAP Enterprise Portal and Knowledge Management capabilities to create more efficient work environments. Uhlmann Pac-Systeme GmbH & Co. KG, a global manufacturer of packaging for the pharmaceutical industry, will use the combined solution to give its employees improved access to information and additional opportunities for collaboration. "We work closely with pharmaceutical companies in developing new, integrated production strategies that will ensure the demand-generated supply of healthcare products worldwide," said Helge Stuhrmann, information technology organizer, Uhlmann Pac Systeme. "The new solution will enable us to access all information related to a technology project or customer to significantly improve collaboration, productivity and customer satisfaction." IXOS DocuLink Repository Manager is available now. Pricing is dependent upon solution configuration and services. About IXOS IXOS SOFTWARE AG is a leading vendor of solutions for Enterprise Content Management (ECM). More than 2 million users worldwide already utilize ECM solutions from IXOS. www.ixos.com. Source: Business Wire