Take the on-demand approach to XML via this interesting tie-up between JustSystems (news, site) and Stilo.

Partners in Publishing

Japan-based JustSystems and U.K.-centered Stilo have partnered together to bring Stilo's Migrate to JustSystem's XMetaL 6.0, allowing media and business enterprises to bring publishable content for reuse in a range of Web publishing applications. Stilo's Migrate can be integrated as part of a JustSystem installation or be used as a service.

When integrated, users can drag content over from Word, InDesign or many other sources, watch it go through Stilo's wringer and flow into XMetaL as a usable piece of XML content. Stilo Migrate is available both online or on site as a fully-integrated component.

Not Just Metal

JustSystems XMetaL's range of authoring, management, visualization, integration and publishing tools is designed to speed up the time to market for organizations. Using XML to help document structure and improve automation, they can aid content management, data integration, localization and publishing.  XMetaL enables authors and contributors to collaborate and reuse data and products into many languages and data formats that customers demand.

Stilo adds on-demand XML content conversion to XMetaL's feature set and helps in the conversion of text, graphics, charts and math equations. This is done by conversion pipelines that convert and transform the original content with a high degree of precision and quality. With Internet portal support to help move data from remote sources and quality approval of the output, it helps rip content on a grand scale for use elsewhere.

XML Away

A 30-day 225Mb Trial version of XMetaL Author Enterprise 6.0 is available to download here, contact the company for pricing details. With big-name clients in the aviation, auto, publishing and other sectors, it is clearly doing something right.