New versions of JustSystems' (news, site) XMAX and XMetaL Developer now play nicely with the latest XML implementation and Microsoft OS.

The Big Schema Of Things

Among the latest in a raft of news from JustSystems are updates to two of its core products. XMetaL Developer and XMAX have now crept up to version 6.0, catching up with the company's Enterprise product. The updates cover support for the latest features and client systems plus a number of extras to improve the lot for the humble developer.

The pair offers wider support for customized XML formats plus useful features, such as auto-correct and a background spell checker. Behind the front end are W3C XML Inclusion support, support for the W3C XML schema, and the xs:redefine command. Windows 7 support is largely just a box-check feature, ensuring that potential  buyers and upgraders can be confident that the apps will work on the latest Microsoft OS.

Take It To The MAX

XMetaL XMAX is an embeddable ActiveX component for integrating structured authoring capabilities into custom enterprise environments, workflow applications and web publishing systems. XMetaL Developer is based on Microsoft Visual Studio with support for standard scripting languages, allowing links and ties to all kinds of arcane office environments.

When linked with its XMetal Author and Reviewer applications, the whole system provides a method for getting data out of existing Word, PDF and other documents into XML format where it can be easily used in Web or Intranet applications. With XML formatted data, users can work with other content management, data integration, localization and publishing systems.

Already in use with the likes of Symantec, Philips and Cisco, any company looking to move its business-critical information into the Web 2.0 era will find the tools within XMetaL make the rather complex task of data format transfer for text, images and metadata less troublesome.  Trial software is available from the site.