Kazeon eDiscovery
Kazeon Systems, who we introduced to you not too long ago, has been hard at work increasing the functionality and capabilities of their eDiscovery solutions. They've garnered the attention of new companies as a result. Despite financial chaos, the eDiscovery industry is proving to be recession proof. As we've reported before, implementing eDiscovery solutions can cut costs dramatically, as well as reduce the chances of any legal misgivings. Kazeon's eDiscovery suite, which includes Kazeon's award-winning flagship software product, the Information Server, can be deployed in-house so that companies can gain more control over their litigation processes. The comprehensive suite includes eDiscovery capabilities for content in active or archive repositories such as file servers, email servers, email and file archives and enterprise content management systems. Also included in the suite is KazHold, which provides capabilities for legally holding content in-place at the data source or in target repositories. The first in the industry to offer agent-less, in-place analysis and review capabilities to provide relevant and necessary eDiscovery workflow, Kazeon's Information Server aims to provide a perfect solution for early-case assessments in litigations, fast and efficient review, targeted collection of relevant data, and in-depth search and analytics for complete, defensible eDiscovery. Working across data centers, remote offices and mobile devices, including laptops and desktops, Kazeon's Information Server sets the standard in addressing the most sophisticated eDiscovery requirements of corporations and law firms worldwide. Kazeon is confident that by building a better product, more companies will come and with recent contracts with Federal Signal and alliances with Quantum, they have a right to such confidence.