SpringCM is a Finalist in KMWorld Promise Award

SpringCM, like many other content management providers, makes a lot of promises about how their software will help businesses become more efficient. KMWorld is acknowledging that SpingCM is making good on one of those promises. Privia, SpringCM's bid and proposal lifecycle management software, is a finalist in the KMWorld Promise Awards.

Every year, KMWorld puts together of list of companies in the industry that work to provide solutions that push the technological and practical advancement of knowledge management. There are two awards: the Promise Award and the Reality Award.

The Promise Award is for those companies that are making people sit up and take notice of new, innovative solutions to drive knowledge management. These companies have captured KMWorld's attention by rising above all the other similar solution providers. These solution providers are providing technology that combines knowledge management within business processes. In this case, SpringCM was a finalist for their Privia solution.

Privia is a bid and proposal lifecycle management solution that integrates document management, productivity tools and business process workflows into a single solution. Key features include:

  • Workflow Automation
  • Presence Detection
  • Communication and Collaboration Tools
  • Automated Project Monitoring and Reporting

The solution is primarily targeted at government contractors and teaming partners.

Learning Opportunities

According to Dan Carmel, CEO of SpringCM, "Privia by SpringCM enables organizations to improve productivity, increase winrates and boost revenue and profitability. We are pleased that KM World hasrecognized the business impact that Privia by SpringCM has for leading federal,state and local government contractors who depend on it every day forcompetitive advantage."

We primarily recognize SpringCM for their Enterprise Content Management Solution -- version 4.5 was just released. Just recently they announced free Records Management functionality for current customers. They also received the KMWorld Trendsetter Award for its SaaS-based ECM solution.

It seems SpringCM believes Knowledge Management and Business Process go hand-in-hand. Their solutions help businesses combine these two components and the awards from KMWorld recognize their efforts in doing it well.