SpringCM released version 4.5
In addition to recently wowing the CMS world by giving away a f*ree edition of its records management module, SpringCM just released version 4.5 of its SaaS Enterprise Content Management System.The new release, while heavily focused on process management, also includes enhancements designed to improve document-centric processing and the SpringCM user experience. Dan Carmel, CEO of SpringCM, commented on the new release, "Version 4.5 is another strong step forward for SpringCM and again highlights the advantages of delivering ECM as a service.”

Why All the Hurry?

From version 4.4 released in August of this year to 4.5 now -- SpringCM is moving lightning-speed fast.Where’s the fire? Are there too many not-so-hot fixes and customer-requested enhancements in the R&D queue? On one hand, it’s good to keep the blood flowing. On the other hand, we can’t help but wonder about the overall stability of the SpringCM ECM system. Carmel also noted that SpringCM customer feedback was “instrumental in guiding our development efforts, and many of the new features are directly attributable to user suggestions.” OK, customer-initiated enhancements are good, but how does that play into the product roadmap and product management?

What’s New in SpringCM v4.5

This release is somewhat focused on process management and business and process metrics. Security and audit enhancements are also in the release. Major new capabilities in SpringCM version 4.5 include:* Improved process management: New Managers Workflow Console allows managers and supervisors to view summary data for all work assigned to their department, including completed tasks and work-in-progress. New filtering and sorting functions enable managers to see specific views of data by user or process, enhancing visibility into resource deployment and enabling quicker identification of process bottlenecks. * Improved custom reporting: Enhanced point-and-click Custom Reporting provides benchmark data for driving process improvements. Reports can be generated on sub-processes or end-to-end processes and can include totals, averages and standard deviation. * Improved security and compliance through enhanced versioning and audit trails: New filters available in Document History enable the user to quickly focus on specific historical events and filter on previous versions of documents or on events. * Enhanced user productivity with drag-and-drop: Moving documents in SpringCM is now easier with the addition of drag-and-drop functionality. * Enhanced account security: With the new Account Security section, administrators can have more granular control over SpringCM account security policies. Additional provisions have been made for password history controls, password expiration timeframes, authorized IP address ranges and settings to restrict user login hours. Other user improvements in v4.5 include the ability to separate PDF documents such as faxes into multiple documents, creation of saved searches to speed up common search tasks, expanded options for bulk upload and migration, and enhancements to the Advanced Workflow activity functions.

To SaaS or Not to SaaS

Who said the SaaS sector was in a slump? Along with Clickability, CrownPeak and other CMS vendors, SpringCM is as alive and kicking in the SaaS space as a spring chicken. While we can’t say the same about OmniUpdate, Hot Banana or Marqui, we are optimistic about SpringCM and its recent hyperactivity.