SpringCM Free Document Records Management Solution 4.4 Enterprise
There is one word everyone loves to hear, and that word is "free." SpringCM has decided to appeal to customers who love that word -- the company is giving away its records management solution to existing customers who are already taking advantage of SpringCM's document management and workflow platform capabilities. The catch: well, this offer only lasts until 2011 comes around.Only around two months ago did the latest release of Spring CM version 4.4 enable records management capabilities, and now the company is giving this functionality away for free. Is it because the product isn't selling well? Probably not. On the contrary, it is probably doing admirably, but -- as we all know -- times are rough.What better time to give things away than in a time of economic instability? Surely the SpringCM folks, being the trendsetters that they are, can take advantage of the times to bring in as many new customers as possible.Dan Carmel, CEO of SpringCM, understands the situation businesses are in:"As economic conditions have deteriorated, companies are challenged with improving business productivity without sacrificing compliance. Software-as-a-Service is a proven model for these times because it enables companies to deploy software solutions faster and at dramatically lower cost than traditional, installed software. We are offering our integrated records management at no charge because we want to make it possible for every SpringCM customer to achieve both cost efficiencies and records management compliance."

SpringCM Functionality

Organizations that decide to take the dive with SpringCM's products will have full access to all the functionality, including records management capabilities:* Capture and manage documents, images and e-mails in a single repository* Define records retention schedules based on content type* Apply retention schedules automatically* OCR support for every document to accelerate eDiscovery searches* Legal holds, records declarations and destruction workflows supported* Document classification flexibility with process-specific metadata* Document role and authentication security* Secure collaboration and review processes for documentsSold yet? Well, the terms are fairly simple: "Under the terms of this offer, all users who license the SpringCM platform during the period of this offer will be entitled to free Records Management features up to January 1, 2011. After that, regular subscription fees will apply."Of course, SpringCM is hoping that those customers who decided to familiarize and utilize SpringCM's Records Management functionality will stick around when their "free" offer comes to a conclusion. Chances are pretty high that they will, and that is when SpringCM will expectedly gain something back from this offer. Considering the times, this seems like a smart move -- new and existing customers surely can't complain with free stuff. Check out SpringCM's official site to learn more.