SpringCM, the leader in document management and workflow products, has recently announced a slew of changes and improvements with SpringCM 4.4. The key improvement here is the addition of record management capabilities, which will allow enterprises to have more control their data. If you have a bunch of data to deal with, SpringCM might be able to lend a helping hand.SpringCM has long offered enterprises ways to capture and store massive influxes of data -- and don't get us wrong, that is wonderful. However, that is no longer the primary issue with data today. When you consider the cloud computing phenomenon and the cheaper data storage options that are becoming readily available, the data -- no matter the size and quality -- can be stored somewhere. Thankfully, SpringCM has more useful purposes.

Document Management is a Key Requirement

The problem today is finding ways to search, sort, filter, report, distribute and collaborate with all of the data that has been acquired in a secure fashion. Pretty much anything and everything along the lines of document management. This is a legitimate reason for considering a solution like SpringCM.“SpringCM 4.4 is the first platform to deliver the benefits of automation and collaboration with comprehensive records management capabilities — all delivered with the low cost, rapid deployment and other advantages of the on-demand delivery model.”

Records Management Capabilities

Most of the buzz with SpringCM 4.4 comes from the addition of new record management capabilities:* Retention Schedules: Ability to define retention schedules for various documents* Retention Data Assignments: Automation of retention data assignments based on record classification* Searchable Repository: Ability to store different types of electronic data in a user searchable repository* Role-based Security: Role-based record management and administration
Record Management Screenshot

Records Management

Additional Features

There are also several other important upgrades to SpringCM 4.4:* Bulk upload and migration functions* Workflow and usability improvements* Integration with salesforce.com* Improved support for faxed mediaThis is a major step up from SpringCM 4.3, but we are sure that the changes will be well-received by new and current enterprise customers.If you would like to learn more about SpringCM, check out their product overview page or watch a product demonstration.