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This is the start of SharePoint Conference 2008 and for all you who, like me, aren't there because you couldn't fit it into your schedule, couldn't convince your company to send you, or couldn't afford to send yourself, we are going to do our best to keep you up to date with the news coming out. Already on Day 1 of the Conference, the news is filling our Assignment que.KnowledgeLake is one of the SharePoint partners at the conference this week and they have come out with some new solutions.KnowledgeLake, a provider of enterprise content management solutions for SharePoint 2007 has announced the release of KnowledgeLake Transactional Content Management Solutions (TCMS) for MOSS and Office 2007.TCMS is a suite of solutions that enable customers to move from paper-based transaction processing to electronic processing within SharePoint. The suite covers both vertical and horizontal solutions.There are three horizontal solutions available to start that address the public and private sectors, including:* Accounts Payable* New Accounts* Contract ManagementIn a nutshell TCMS enables SharePoint customers to process business transactions that were traditional paper-based by providing the technology to scan or capture paper-based documents and import them into the SharePoint environment. From there, they can be managed the same as any other SharePoint document.These new solutions listed above are out-of-the box customizable solutions for companies who want to take advantage of the functionality within SharePoint and the investment in the product.“We are very excited about the launch of KnowledgeLake TCMS,” said Ron Cameron, President of KnowledgeLake. “TCMS is specifically focused on helping our customers process traditionally paper based business transactions using Microsoft SharePoint. These solutions are what our customers are demanding. They are low cost, easy to implement, and platform based. It just makes sense.” There are a few companies dedicated to help SharePoint customers get their paper documents into the ECM: eCopy and ImageNow to name two. But this is the first we've seen to offer these specific horizontal solutions.Expect to see more solutions from the TCMS suite over the year and into 2009.To read more about the TCMS suite, see the KnowledgeLake website or visit them at the SharePoint Conference.