If you think Box.net is the only cloud-based document management provider with a handle on mobile, it's time to think again. KnowledgeTree (news, site) has just announced their foray into mobile document management with a new Android app.

Going Mobile with your Documents

KnowledgeTree is a mid-market provider of cloud-based document management. Its solution is about managing the processes around documents and a bit of lightweight contract management and records management thrown in for good measure. And like its competitor, Box.net, it's very collaboration focused.

Today, KnowledgeTree has launched a new Android application to support an organization's document management processes anywhere, anytime. Organize, edit, sync and manage your documents from your secure KnowledgeTree vault and associated processes all from the comfort of your Android phone.

Included in the mobile apps is a secure vault for disconnected usage. This vault is encrypted and requires passcodes.

Check it out:

KnowledgeTree for Android: Document Management on Your Mobile Device

Syncing the Cloud with the Desktop

In addition to the new Android app, KnowledgeTree has also announced FolderSync, a new tool that will synchronizes your documents stored in the KnowledgeTree Vault (in the cloud) and your desktop. For DropBox users, this will be familiar.

You can select group of documents to sync up with the KnowlegeTree Vault and ensure that the latest version of your documents are always available where ever you are. It's also easy to make changes while you are offline and have them sync up with the cloud version.

With the addition of FolderSync and our mobile applications, version control headaches and document chaos are relegated to history,” said Daniel Chalef, KnowledgeTree CEO. “Now CFOs, legal counsels, attorneys, accountants, and other business professionals have a complete suite of document management tools, which means they are always are on the same page wherever they are, and ultimately making them more productive.”

More to Come From KnowledgeTree

The mobile app and FolderSync are just two of the new things coming from KnowledgeTree. KnowledgeTree has other updated in the works.

So do you think these updates rival the features available on Box.net? I think the clean interface of the mobile app combined with the secure vault for disconnected use and all the other collaborative document management capabilities (including the Office integration) make KnowledgeTree a must look at.