Learn how to cope during the crisis at the HartmanEVENT in Utrecht this October. The event, conducted in English, aims to teach attendees strategies, methodologies, techniques and tools to get more value from information.

The program consists of five tracks:

  • Cross-channeling of information in Retail
  • Citizen-centered information in eGovernment
  • Control information with Search and Discovery in ECM
  • Structure in information with XML/DITA
  • Working together on information with web 2.0

Speakers include authors Graham Oaks, Theresa Regli and Martin White, along with AIIM president John Mancini. For more information including dates and price, head on over here.

Won't be in Utrecht in October or, ever? We understand. Thankfully there are a ton of informative events in a ton of other places. Hit up our events list and find one more suited to you.