Today at Empower 2010, a handful of developers showed us what’s cooking in the Laserfiche (news, site) lab. These features are still in the early, early stages of development and may not even make it out of the kitchen, but let’s take a raw look.

Possible coming attractions include several usability updates to PhotoDocs 8.2, an online Laserfiche admin console called WebAdmin, overhauled and enhanced integration with Microsoft Office for Laserfiche 8.2 and Laserfiche Mobile for the iPhone.

PhotoDocs 8.2

The new PhotoDocs will take a user-centered approach, claimed developer Peter Law. The tool, which imports documents captured by devices such as a camera or cell phone, might look like this next time around:

  • Faster
  • Only Load New Images option
  • Laserfiche document reprocessing
  • PDF export
  • Redesigned UI – including a new workspace pane and side by side image view


This tool makes it possible to do Laserfiche administrative work through the browser, allowing the access of information from anywhere on the network. We got a glimpse of the new UI, and it appears fairly simple to navigate. It also includes a Consolidated and Grouped view, as well as Quick Links.

As developer Xiuhong Xiang said, “It’s like an old friend with a better look.” Some of the expected features are:

  • Status and statistics options
  • Search ability (this is great if you’ve got lots of users)
  • Saved profiles for things like security settings so they don’t have to be re-entered each time (volume security and template security profiles, for example)

Office Integrations 8.2

A lot of you seasoned Laserfiche users might be thinking it’s about time Office integrations got revamped, and developers agree. Ideas they’re rolling around range from simple (new buttons) to sophisticated (document security):

  • In addition to a button in the File menu, the demo showed two new buttons on the toolbar
  • A user can create new Office files and save them to Laserfiche without saving local copies
  • After saving, a Check-in/Check-out option is now supported, meaning they won’t be editable by any other user
  • Exploring destination repository could possibly be enabled, adding Cut, Copy and Rename options to the mix
  • After a file is saved, metadata can be added

Laserfiche Mobile

Laserfiche? There’s an app for that. Maybe.

Presented by Steven Bevler of Harvey Mudd College, where the app is currently being developed, Laserfiche for the iPhone is a very simplified version of the ECM. The design goals are:

  • Intuitive interface
  • Quick navigation
  • Core features

Why the need for a mobile app? As Bevler put it, because it’s a nice extension of Web Access, it allows for quick access on the go, and users would be able to create documents directly with the iPhone camera.

Core features might include:

  • Search
  • Browse
  • Document viewing
  • Metadata view
  • New documents
  • Bookmark documents

The audience responded to the presentation with many questions concerning aspects like security, but like we said, these are just the early stages of development. Point is, Laserfiche isn't take any down time. Keep up with us here to find out more about these up and coming features.