Liferay (news, site) Portal Enterprise Edition 5.2 is now available, boosting the speed and feature-set found in the previously released Standard Edition, including benchmarked performance improvements.

The Enterprise Version Catches Up

Liferay Portal Enterprise Edition was launched back in January 2009 to complement the existing free Standard Edition. Version 5.2 of the Standard Edition was launched back in February to the open source community, offering content management, collaboration tools, mashups and social networking applications in a single package.

Four months later, the Enterprise Edition has caught up. Liferay Portal EE 5.2  is available now, offering even more features and greater speed for those willing to pay the subscription fee.

Enterprise Features

Now capable of integrating with Microsoft Office, using the SharePoint protocol, users can keep control of documents through versioning and handle retrieval from any source.

Liferay Portal also offers central administration for all data, users, websites and other content via the Liferay Control Panel. Administration is streamlined and simplified and is more customizable. For example, parts of forms can be hidden from certain types of user.

Beefed Up Performance

The speed boost comes from several areas for Linux, Unix or Windows compatible system. For a start, Web speeds have been improved with improved Javascript performance, and CSS performance has been raised through the use of caching and sprites.

Application speeds have been improved by increasing data capacity and spreading the load of reads and writes between multiple databases.

Want More Information?

If you have specific requirements or questions about what Liferay offers, there will be a webinar on June 25th for companies to ask questions and find out what the system can offer.

Already in use in many major companies around the world, Liferay Enterprise Edition 5.2 comprises the latest stable version of the community-based Standard version and comes with all the support and backup you would expect, while still costing a lot less than typical commercial portal packages.