Lionbridge, has announced three additions to its "Alliance" of globalization CMS partners. Acumium and Klish Group have both joined the program, while Lionbridge also signed up to the EMC Velocity Technology and ISV Program.Acumium will integrate Lionbridge's Freeway translation platform into its Web CMS, a move which will enable customers to speed up project globalization, for reasons you can examine in more detail here. Klish Group, the CMS integration specialist, also hopped onto the bandwagon by offering Freeway integration with Interwoven TeamSite using Klish's Fluint connector. Freeway's capabilities will be further expanded by the integration of the platform with Klish's own Touchless Translation capability, which offers pre-configuration of translation parameters and various other features. And then, of course, there's Documentum. Joining forces with EMC will pave the way for integration of Freeway with the aristocratic Enterprise CMS workhorse. Freeway is a SaaS delivery platform for translation management; in effect a portal where clients can post translation projects, track the progress of these projects, and utilize other workflow management features, manage translation memory, etc. These translation jobs are then farmed out to Lionbridge’s army of contracted translators, who number between 15,000 and 20,000. The system directly integrates with existing CMS workflows, creating synergies in the way that organizations handle their primary and global content distribution. By connecting Documentum and the Freeway platform, for example, no additional software is required to manage global content, reducing the total cost of global content delivery. Lionbridge [languid wave of hand]: "You don't want separate CMS and translation processes." World: 'We don't want separate CMS and translation processes...' Lionbridge [languid wave of hand]: 'You want integrated Freeway right there in your Documentum.' World: 'We want integrated Freeway right there...' Check out Freeway 2.0 here for yet more details on its globalization features.