The three-time Readers' Choice Award winners at Open Text just signed a contract with the Defense Science and Technology Lab to provide an electronic document and records management solution in the form of Livelink ECM. The Lab selected Open Text after a competitive process that ultimately came down to cost and functionality, as determined by private testing - a process conducted in a manner most hush-hush by their change management program.With a workforce of 3,500 people, including members of the UK's most creative and talented scientific community, the Defense Science and Tech Lab supplies premium impartial, scientific and technical information to the Ministry of Defense. And because they take on many of the most challenging science and tech problems facing the country, the Lab naturally needed supporting software up to par with the content burden. Vice President Damian Hyland of Open Text, Northern Europe reflects, "Due to the nature of Dstl’s work, any document retrieval and management system had to be comprehensive, efficient and meet a variety of needs. Our Livelink ECM solution allows rapid access to past research, automatic versioning and auditing, an intuitive interface, and users are able to search across multiple sites with ease. In addition, the solution comes with safe and secure back up. With such a variety of functions, our solutions always aim to provide better support to all our customers and we are pleased to learn that the response from Dstl staff has been very positive.” Per the Lab's original (and now seemingly humble) requirements, the inclusion of Livelink ECM also helped reduce paper holdings, improve records management and bring appropriate information access to members of the staff. Paul Lambert, a project manager at the Lab, confirms Hyland's assertion. "Dstl's move to adopting this technology will enable the organization to improve its world-class reputation by ensuring its internal back-office systems enhance the service Dstl delivers to its customers," he says. Another happy couple made in the world of ECM. And when it comes to pairing up, Open Text has been busy. Recently they assisted Life Sciences ECM in leveraging SharePoint. Wisely, they've also been playing nicely with Oracle. Read the complete Open Text and Defense Science and Tech Lab release here.