CPILive today posted a very interesting interview with Ambuj Goyal, General Manager of Lotus Software for IBM. The topics covered includes IBM vertical market focus, Lotus and user interaction, product integration, and more. Highlights follow.RWME: During your Lotusphere conference you stressed on the term "organisational productivity". Can you define what that is? GOYAL: It is a process that is being captured across the enterprise so that whole organisations can think about productivity in a different way rather than just sending e-mail. ...As we move from team productivity to organisational productivity we need to think about how to integrate people into the processes across the enterprise. ... RWME: These six business solutions you have released, like the retail operation, speak to this? GOYAL: It is about a complete solution... ... RWME: How do you start to integrate that workflow between the different buckets you have, Notes/Domino, Workplace, WebSphere? GOYAL: ...that is why we are creating the (Web services) standard called Business Process Execution Language for Web services (BPEL4WS). If you have workflow goals across one to another, we have to have a standard. ...We are leading the standard and working with Microsoft. ... RWME: Is the IBM Solution for On Demand Workplaces bundle sort of hint at a replacement, or is it a bridge, for Domino customers ...? GOYAL: It is not intended as a replacement for Domino. ...every customer we saw that deploys a business-to-business portal, or a business-to-employee portal, or a business-to-customer portal required collaborative capabilities, content management capabilities, and integration capabilities and we didn't have an offering. Read the original article.