MarkLogic Integrates with Excel
In a continued effort to provide integrated solutions with Microsoft productivity tools, Mark Logic (news, site) is now offering a toolkit for Microsoft Excel.

Their first foray in Office Integration included a Toolkit for Word that allows you to add custom metadata to Word documents to improve search and analytics and create better XML-based applications. It also enables you to view Word documents from the MarkLogic server.

At the same as the Toolkit for Word announcement, the MOSS Connector for Mark Logic was also announced. This connector automatically mirrors content from MOSS to the MarkLogic XML Server and can also integrate MarkLogic functions via SharePoint workflows.

Now, with the addition of a Toolkit for Excel, the integration is almost complete. The toolkit offers a number of capabilities including:

  • Enhanced Search: Search across Excel books for worksheets, cells and formulas from within the MarkLogic environment, add the search results to an active workbook and more.
  • Creation and Manipulation of Excel Workbooks: Create new workbooks from existing XML documents, manipulate and re-use workbooks stored in the repository with a built-in XQuery library and never have to run Office to do it.
  • Custom Metadata for Excel Documents: Add and edit custom metadata across Excel documents.

In addition, an Excel add-in is included that will help you deploy web applications from within Excel. A sample application is includes that demonstrates how to use the toolkit.

The Mark Logic Toolkit for Excel is distributed under open source licensing, as an Apache 2.0 license. You can download your copy from the Mark Logic Developer Workshop.