MarkLogic Integrates with SharePoint, MOSS

MarkLogic Server now connects to SharePoint Server 2007 - or MOSS as we all like to say. This new connector, aptly called the MarkLogic Connector for SharePoint, enables advanced XML processing for MOSS, something MOSS doesn't do itself.

MarkLogic is an XML server used to store, manage, search and dynamically deliver content. The latest release came out in October of last year.

MarkLogic Connector for SharePoint

The MarkLogic Connector for SharePoint automatically mirrors content from MOSS to the MarkLogic XML Server. It can also integrate MarkLogic functions via SharePoint workflows.

This functionality provides users of MarkLogic and SharePoint a few things:

  • SharePoint users can now create rich, XML based applications
  • Repurpose and reuse SharePoint content
  • Provide users with document services such as check-in /check-out and more for content stored on MarkLogic

SharePoint Connector Features

  • Active Library Mirroring: Transparently mirror content based on major versions of documents from SharePoint document libraries into the MarkLogic XML Server. Also included for bulk push operations is a “Set-and-forget” capability.
  • Workflow Integration: Integrate workflow for MarkLogic into the SharePoint workflow. Including the ability to copy or delete documents into MarkLogic, the workflow integration also includes advanced XML processing for element and attibute level processing. Integration with Microsoft Visual Studio is also a part of this connector.

The workflow integration can be used on its own or with the Active Library Mirroring feature.


Integration of MarkLogic processing into Visual Studio

Even Microsoft sees the value in this integration solution: “With the development of this connector, Mark Logic can offer customers advanced XML processing capabilities for Office SharePoint Server 2007,” said Tom Rizzo, senior director, Microsoft SharePoint.  “The pairing of these two technologies addresses an organizational imperative – the need to generate greater value from content assets through the dynamic assembly, granular reuse, and personalized delivery of information.”

You can download trials of both MarkLogic Server and the MarkLogic Connector for SharePoint on their website.

MarkLogic Toolkit for Word

Along with a connector for SharePoint, Mark Logic has also released a toolkit for Microsoft Word 2007. This new toolkit allows you to add custom metadata to Word documents to improve search and analytics and create better XML-based applications. You can also view content from the MarkLogic server from within Word.

The toolkit includes a pre-built plug-in framework for Word 2007, a sample application and an extensive library for managing and manipulating Word documents.

  • Intelligent Authoring: A set of applications displayed in a sidebar in Word help authors find and preview paragraph level content stored in other documents on the MarkLogic server to insert into new documents. These applications provide functionality based on author role, task or other business rules.
  • Rapid Development: A bootstrap add-in application enables web-based content applications to open inside Word and leverages Word's Office Open XML standard to extend Word's functionality to create XML-based web applications. Because this solution is open source, it can be easily customized.
  • Leverage XML: XQuery libraries provided in the toolkit simplify working with Office Open XML and WordprocessingML for granular search, dynamic assembly, transformation and delivery with MarkLogic.



 MS Word Toolkit

The MarkLogic Toolkit for Word is available under the open-source Apache 2.0 license.

Open Source in the Enterprise

Both the Toolkit for Word and the SharePoint Connector are examples of functionality open source solutions need to provide to get their feet in the door of enterprises. More organizations are looking for less expensive options to provide content management capabilities to their users, but at the same time leverage commonly used authoring tools - like Word - and document libraries - like SharePoint.

Mark Logic's VP of product management agrees and see the opportunity: “The old rules of enterprise content management no longer apply.  Now, Office SharePoint Server and open source alternatives provide an escape hatch for organizations that have been handcuffed to bloated, expensive content management solutions,” said Jason Monberg, vice president of product management, Mark Logic Corporation.

Mark Logic joins the ranks of open source content management providers like Alfresco when it comes to delivering enterprise functionality, including integration with SharePoint.