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Most of us take our vision for granted, but what about those who must rely on braille or aural web browsing devices to get their internet fix? UK CMS provider, Mediasurface, is making web accessibility easier to adhere to with the launch of the latest version of its enterprise-level, flagship CMS, Morello 5.7. Its selling point is a number of new enhancements that help create and maintain XHTML Transitional or Strict websites. These changes are specifically aimed to help sites more easily adhere to the standards of W3C's Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.


The WCAG , which is now at version 2.0, is an international standard for web accessibility. It's taken heat from developers for being obscure, vague and difficult to adhere to. Nevertheless, creating accessible websites are both a legal requirement in many states and also a good business move (after all, there's a good subset of the population that is considered disabled -- 11 million in the UK alone).Allowing those with disabilities to navigate and understand a website despite physical, sensory, or cognitive ailments is something that should be addressed on any standards compliant site. With this in mind, a lot of businesses are looking to find ways to adhere to WCAG without a lot of hassle.

XHTML Strict For Easier Content Repurposing

XHTML Strict, the purest form of XHTML, allows for easier rebranding of sites for the web, as well as repurposing content for other devices such as aural browsers and Braille devices. XHTML Strict also increases the ease in which a website can support non-PC web browsing devices, like increasingly popular handhelds and other remote web browsing devices (iPhone, anyone?).The new XHTML Parser in Morello is designed for it to be straightforward and easy for users to ensure content on websites confirms to the standards of XHTML Transitional or Strict.

Features of Morello 5.7

Aside from the XHTML Parser, Morello 5.7 comes with a number of new features to bring further benefit to the business user. These include:* An enhanced Morello Page Studio offering more control for the business user over template design. Users can now build pages from configurable categories of components, giving business users more flexibility. * Users can synchronize documents and image libraries through Morello's improved Microsoft Office SharePoint Services Connector, letting users re-use more of their Sharepoint content across Morello sites. * Version Compare lets users see the difference between different versions of content, allowing them to see insertions and deletions made between different versions and making it easier to adhere to compliance regulations. "Morello was already the most user-friendly content management system on the market," statedAndy Peart of Mediasurfaces' Chief Marketing Office, "with this latest version we're the first major vendor to deliver XHTML Strict out of the box."Mediasurface does indeed take pride in the user-friendliness of their CMS. Their Smart Client is the front-end to the Morello WCM. They claim it to be as easy to work with as Microsoft Office or any other office app. With their heavy reliance on template use and advanced AJAX technology for their web client, Morello does appear to be one of the less intimidating systems out there. Check out Mediasurface for more information.

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