Meridio Records & Document Management
Hey it's only Tuesday and lo, it's been quite the week for records management news. Today is Meridio's turn. This multi-national provider of integrated enterprise documents and records management (eDRM) systems for Microsoft SharePoint and Exchange platforms, have updated their core enterprise offering. Meridio 5.0 SR1 is a feature and usability update based on early user feedback.Enhancements made to the original document and records compliance product include improved Fileplan navigation (in MS Sharepoint), enhanced upgrade process, custom Meridio Storage Policy extensibility, and rendition support for MOSS 2003 and 2007, as well as various usability tweaks and improvements. Meridio is designed to be transparently integrated with Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server (MOSS) and MS Exchange, to deliver top-quality DRM (Document and Records Management) functionality to managers, while bringing minimal disruption to client users. Key features of the product include: * Complete lifecycle records management from creation and retention to destruction * Tight integration with Microsoft Office * Meets UK (TNA 2002) National Archives standards and US (DoD 5015.2) standards * Comprehensive rules-based automatic capture and retention management of Microsoft Exchange Email * Designed for .NET integration with other enterprise infrastructure Particular effort has been made to offer features which support compliance monitoring. The company claims that system is a "one-stop-shop" which can be deployed across the full breadth and scope of an enterprise. Content of every ilk is processed, including email and instant messages as well as Office documents. Butler Group were recently drafted in to audit the software, and generally, and perhaps predictably, slobbered over their clipboards (PDF) with delight at what they saw. Yes, said they, Meridio is compliant with both U.S. and U.K. government records management standards. Yes, compliance functionality was strong enough for corporations of any size. Yes, the level of integration with MOSS, Office, and Exchange was 'Tight' (since when did tech auditors start watching 'Pimp My Ride'?). Yes, they loved the ILM capabilities, the fact that it is based on .NET architecture, and the Smart Client module which provides support for off-site and mobile workers. Butler group makes an important point, stating that "Meridio’s strategy allows customers to migrate to the latest versions of Office and SharePoint at their own pace, whilst still taking advantage of its powerful EDRM functionality." Some of you may be considering using SharePoint 2007 for records management, but are fretting over the delays related to major infrastructure changes. This particular angle may be just the message you needed to hear. On the other side of the nickel, this tightness we mentioned previously has been achieved by concentrating exclusively on functional intimacy with Microsoft's product line. Of course, as Butler point out, this means that corporations who integrate non-MS products with MS architecture will find it difficult to feel as lovingly about Meridio.