Metalogix Acquires StoragePoint, Adds External BLOB Storage to Suite
Metalogix (news, site) supports SharePoint from the administrative side of things offering migration, archiving and other management functions. Their recent acquisition of StoragePoint, another SharePoint solution provider, has added a new capability to their suite of solutions -- one that will appeal to many organizations.

Storing all the BLOB Content

Everyone wants in on the "storing SharePoint's BLOB content" game. Ever since Microsoft offered up the API to move SharePoint 2007 BLOB content out of its native SQL Server database into someplace different, we have seen vendors offer their integrations right and left. Who wouldn't want a piece of this BLOB?

StoragePoint is vendor that claims to reduce the size of SharePoint 2007/2010 content databases by between 90 and 95% by moving BLOB content out of it. I suspect all vendors would shrink the database by roughly the same percentage.

Metalogix has acquired this particular storage vendor, adding the BLOB storage capabilities to their long list of admin functions.

Incorporating StoragePoint into our existing suite of solutions for SharePointwas an easy decision,” said Chris Risley, CEO of Metalogix. “When you’remanaging an organization’s most-valued asset, their corporate information,remote content storage software must absolutely be world-class. [...] StoragePoint is the only solution in the market today thatmeets the high reliability and security requirements of U.S. Federal Agencies,and the performance and cost savings requirements of the Fortune 2000.”

So it all makes sense. And when you look at what's available with StoragePoint, it makes even more sense.

Metalogix StoragePoint

Here's my favorite thing that comes with StoragePoint -- the BLOBulator:


Metalogix StoragePoint BLOBulator

So maybe it's the catchy name I like most, but this calculator is very functional. It will roughly estimate how big your SharePoint content databases would be if you were using StoragePoint for storing all that BLOB content.

StoragePoint allows you to store your SharePoint BLOB content to a number of locations: SAN, NAS, CAS and several cloud storage locations. And you don't have to put it in only one external location.

Learning Opportunities

It also provides the ability to not only move BLOB content out of the SharePoint database, but back into it if needed. Also, because StoragePoint sits below the SharePoint object model, you don't have to worry about breaking any SharePoint functionality, including indexing your content for search.

This is only a peek at what you can do with StoragePoint. You can read more on the Metalogix website or take advantage of a 30-day trial. The current version works for both SharePoint 2007 and WSS3.0, and there's a beta available for SharePoint 2010.

And if you are interested in knowing who else is in the SharePoint BLOB storage game, here's a sample: AvePoint, Open Text, EMC, NCachePoint