The slow drip feed of information about the release of Microsoft Dynamics SL 2011 ERP has started with Microsoft (news, site) announcing that it will be released in English in the US and Canada in the second quarter of next year.

Needless to say at this early stage there are scant few details of what to expect with this, although Microsoft has said that it will be particularly valuable for companies involved in construction, professional services, government contracting, architecture and engineering fields.

SL 2011 ERP Interface

With this release, one of four Microsoft ERP applications, Microsoft says it has concentrated on enhancing user productivity through a new user interface similar to the one in Office, as well as role-specific dashboards for user views across the entire enterprise.

This, Microsoft says, will ease adoption as Office users will be able to use it straight away, while other features including an enhanced search called Quick Query, which contains over 50 pre-designed search options is also designed to speed information retrieval.

Dynamics SL 2011_interface.jpg

SL 2011 Interface

This time out it also comes with a Quick Send feature enabling enterprises to send invoices and orders to clients from directly within the SL system.

Dynamics SL 2011_screen.jpg

Dynamics SL 2011 multiple screen access

Microsoft Integration

It can also be integrated with all the major Microsoft apps including Project Server 2010, SharePoint 2010, Office 2010, SQL Server 2008 R2 and Microsoft Dynamics CRM through Web Services.

For businesses in the targeted verticals, access to SharePoint 2010, which will give users access to information anywhere, and Project Server, which reduces redundant data entry and provides synchronization of project and accounting information, will extend the value of existing systems.

Dynamics SL 2011_project creation.jpg

Project Creation in Sl 2011

There will also be English versions released for the Caribbean and Puerto Rico, while details of a Spanish version for Latin America will be released later.

Beta Releases

And that’s about as much information as they have provided so far, although there are a number of videos that explain all about it on the Dynamics site.

Currently in beta, with the second beta released this week, when it finally emerges from under the covers it will be the first significant upgrade since Dynamics SL 7 was released in 2007.