The software connecting Microsoft Content Management Server and SharePoint technologies (portal|services) is now available for download. The official name of the connector is "Microsoft Content Management Server (CMS) 2002 Connector for SharePoint Technologies". Fit that into a TLA. Here is Microsoft's description of the connector: Microsoft Content Management Server 2002 Connector for SharePoint Technologies enables you integrate Content Management Server with both Microsoft Office® SharePoint Portal Server and Microsoft Windows® SharePoint Services. As part of Microsoft Integrated Portal Technologies, the connector enables the sharing of key publishing and search technologies as well as enabling unified content management, publishing, and collaboration across the enterprise. Key features include: • Direct publishing of Content Management Server content within a SharePoint Portal Server portal. You can publish Content Management Server Web content directly from SharePoint Portal Server and provide a view into workflow status through Web parts. • Direct publishing of Windows SharePoint Services document library content to a Content Management Server site. You can include document content from Windows SharePoint Services document libraries on a Content Management Server site, either inline or as an attachment, and maintain synchronization with the document library. • Use of SharePoint Portal Server Search with Content Management Server. You can include Content Management Server content in enterprise-wide searches. This allows you to not only index Content Management Server content from SharePoint Portal Server, but also access SharePoint Portal Server search from Content Management Server applications. Read more. Download the connector.