Today, customers using SharePoint Products and Technologies began applying two new Service Pack 1 (SP1) releases, which provide performance improvements for SharePoint Portal Server 2003 and Windows SharePoint Services. In addition to improved stability and security, customers can take advantage of the following enhancements in the Windows SharePoint Services SP1: -- Support for larger files. With Windows SharePoint Services SP1, customers and partners can save and share documents as large as 2 GB. -- Easy updates. Windows SharePoint Services SP1 greatly eases the patching process by enabling customers and partners to apply patches and hot fixes. SharePoint Portal Server 2003 customers and partners will need to apply the Windows SharePoint Services SP1 to download and apply the SharePoint Portal Server 2003 SP1, which features improvements in the following specific areas:
-- Improved search results. SharePoint Portal Server 2003 SP1 improves search functionality in a number of areas, including propagation, crawling reliability, keyword or best-bet search results, alert conditions, more robust XML filtering, and linguistic accuracy.
-- Content Watson functionality. This enables improved product quality for customers through streamlined issue reporting between a customer's networked computer and the Microsoft development team.
With SharePoint Services SP1, customers and partners will be able to access language templates for 11 additional languages, including Croatian, Latvian and Slovenian. SharePoint Services, currently offered in 25 languages, is a feature of the Windows Server 2003 platform. Availability Customers and partners can access the free SP1 downloads by visiting the following Microsoft Web sites: -- For Windows SharePoint Services SP1: 4621-A319-A1F5BFEDF497&displaylang=en -- For SharePoint Portal Server SP1: 4488-BD06-8F5D8347E3D2&displaylang=en