Microsoft is still teasing the market with its Dynamics releases. This time, it’s the announcement that it will be releasing a technical preview of its enterprise resource planning software (ERP) at the beginning of February, with a full release scheduled for the third quarter of this year.

Typically, Microsoft has released very few details about what we can expect from the new AX6 Dynamics, which is designed to cut the workload on IT departments by allowing developers to customize the platform itself as well as some of it functions.

. . . Microsoft Dynamics AX ‘6’ brings rich functionality, advanced architecture and the full power of the Microsoft stack to the business application developer . . .[it will] focus on simplicity by streamlining application deployment, maintenance and upgradability," Hal Howard, Dynamics ERP VP said.

Dynamics AX Features?

Apart from that, the company hasn’t said much or given any real details about what we’re likely to get. However, there are two areas where there will be improvements. These include:

  • Pre-built interoperability with Microsoft’s other recent releases including SQL Server 2008 R2, Visual Studio 2010, Office 2010 and SharePoint 2010.
  • Pre-built capabilities for five (unidentified) industries and 38 countries that will enable ISV’s expand their vertical and geographical reach very quickly.

Designed to replace Dynamics AX 2009 that is currently available, Microsoft says that more than 100 ISVs around the world, many of whom have their own end-to-end vertical solutions, have been working on early adopter programs over the past six months with many already building vertical-focused products around AX.

The announcement comes as no real surprise in that Microsoft had said as early as September 2009 that it planned to flesh out its AX product with new technologies that it had recently bought.

Releasing SL 2011 ERP

This is the second announcement from Microsoft in the past three months about upgrades to its ERP program. In October, it announced that Dynamics SL 2011 ERP would be released in English in the US and Canada in the second quarter of this year, although there still isn’t any date yet.

In that release, Microsoft says it has concentrated on enhancing user productivity through a new user interface similar to the one in Office, as well as role-specific dashboards for user views across the entire enterprise. More on both these releases as details emerge.