Migrate your Content to Oracle 11g and Web Center 11g from Older Oracle Solutions
If you are ready to migrate your Oracle environments to the latest 11g versions, then Proventeq (news, site) has just introduced an update to their content migration solution that will help.

Migrating from Old to New

When a new version of your enterprise content management system comes out, you don't rush to implement it because you never know the impact it will have on your content, your applications or your infrastructure. But after a time you know you have to make the move. Some wait a long time, others move quicker. 

Either way it's helpful to have something make the content migration process as smooth as possible. 

Upgrading Oracle

For organization's using Oracle, Proventeq has added some new connectors to their content migration solution to help you migrate to the latest Oracle 11g versions. So if you are looking to do one or more of the following:

  • Oracle Content DB into Oracle UCM (10g and 11g)
  • Oracle Collaboration Suite into WebCenter Interaction, Spaces or Oracle UCM
  • Oracle Files to Oracle UCM
  • Oracle iProjects into WebCenter Spaces or Oracle UCM
  • Plumtree / AquaLogic portal content into Oracle UCM
  • Legacy Oracle Portal Platforms to WebCenter and Oracle UCM

Proventeq's Migration Accelerator may be the tool of choice for you. Proventeq has a strong focus on Oracle migration solutions and the addition of connectors for the above migration possibilities are new in the product's latest release.

The goal of this release is to continue our close relationship with Oracle as they move to consolidate their variety of content and portal products and platforms. The Migration Accelerator provides an easy alternative for their customer base as they look to move to Oracle’s flagship products – Oracle UCM and WebCenter,” says Balu Herbert, one of the founders of Proventeq.

We recently took a look at Proventeq's analysis and migration product, you can read all about it in A Look at Automated Content Migration: Part 3 - Proventeq.