It was inevitable that at this year’s LegalTech conference eDiscovery-related announcements would abound. So the announcement that archiving specialist Mimosa (news, site) and legal consulting and risk management company Navigant have integrated their products is not really that surprising. Between the two, they hope to be able to deploy software that cuts the costs of eDiscovery while providing a more efficient and more streamlined product.

IDC And eDiscovery

Until such a time as the eDiscovery market finally settles there will be a lot of jostling to produce the best software that will capture the largest part of the market, which tech marketing consultancy firm IDC (news, site) estimates will be worth close to US$ 17.3 billion by 2013.

The growth, IDC says, is being pushed by an increasingly stringent regulatory environment that will continue to precipitate integrations like this one between Mimosa and Navigant.

Enterprise resources, it says, are being pushed to the limit by the increased burden to store and handle more data as a result of litigation events, which in turn is pushing them in the direction of streamlined processes and all-embracing solutions just to keep in the game.

And between Mimosa and Navigant you would expect such a product. Integration of the two will enable legal and litigation workers to access the eDiscovery Portal and conduct a search of Mimosa NearPoint for first pass reviews and early case assessments.

Mimosa NearPoint

When Mimosa released NearPoint V4.0 archiving solution last year, it would appear that they had these kinds of link ups in mind. NearPoint helps the eDiscovery process by letting users search across multiple platforms for data.

In earlier versions it may have been limited to email searches, but with v4.0 users can search enterprise wikis, blogs, documents and other related files for relevant information while still being able to tag and implement a full chain of custody.

In addition, users can delegate case management much more easily and effectively by being able limit or expand search and viewer permissions within queries. Now privileged data has greater odds at staying that way and the search and discovery process can be broken down into specific roles.

Designed to support server, device and network methods for capture of on-premise and hosted e-mail, Mimosa added a broad set of additional capture methods for Microsoft Exchange from which organizations will be able to leverage their infrastructure.

Navigant ePortal

For its part Navigant Consulting is a global company that provides dispute, investigative, operational, risk management and financial and regulatory advisory solutions to government agencies, legal counsel and large companies.

It focuses on industries undergoing substantial regulatory or structural change and on the issues driving these transformations, which covers almost everyone at this stage.

Its advanced eDiscovery Portal is built on MOSS 2007 with enhanced access and control over the activities which occur during eDiscovery, including compliance, archiving, search, collection and pre-review.

With intelligent archiving coupled with early case assessment tools, it enables clients to safely preserve not just documents but all relevant data points in a project.

There is still more to come at LegalTech in New York and probably more announcements by the end of it. It will be interesting at the end to see how much of it has been dominated by eDiscovery.