Mimosa Systems Announces Next Generation Integrated Archive Solution

It was only four months ago that Mimosa Systems (news, site) released NearPoint for SharePoint. Today the vendor launches a major version of its solution for archiving, eDiscovery and business user productivity, NearPoint 4.0.

With many new features and functionality aimed at putting some pep in the step of the eDiscovery process, NearPoint 4.0 enhances content management, archiving and data capture.

Integrated Content Archive

NearPoint helps to expedite the eDiscovery process by letting users search across multiple platforms for data. No longer limited to just e-mails, users can search enterprise wikis, blogs, documents and other related files for relevant information while still being able to tag and implement a full chain of custody.

In addition, users can delegate case management much more easily and effectively by being able limit or expand search and viewer permissions within queries. Now privileged data has greater odds at staying that way and help breakdown the search and discovery process into specific roles.

A new user interface helps users search within active and archived content at the same time. NearPoint 4.0 adds unified and offline information access to email and file system content allowing information workers to search or browse their archive and find relevant content.


NearPoint 4.0 Highlights Search Terms

As well, users can benefit from unified access to e-mail and file system content that is presented in Outlook, Outlook Web Access (OWA) or browser user interface; advanced offline access to archived content through a secure cache and; Windows Desktop Search (WDS) integration of active and archived content in a single view.

New Data Capture Methodology

NearPoint 4.0 can provide users with an intense and in-depth view of everything that is and once was on the server. From the ability to search calendar, contacts and draft, sent and received messages as well as capability to recover data from the dead, Mimosa provides a generalized framework for multiple capture methods from a variety of data sources.


NearPoint 4.0 Search in Outlook Web Access

Designed to support server, device and network methods for capture of on-premise and hosted e-mail, Mimosa NearPoint 4.0 adds a broad set of additional capture methods for Microsoft Exchange from which organizations will be able to leverage their infrastructure with new features like:

  • Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS)-based Continuous Application Shadowing to speed the log application process
  • Messaging Application Programming Interface (MAPI) option combined with Exchange Journaling. Customers can choose this configuration as an alternative to Continuous Application Shadowing.
  • Extensible framework to add capture methods in the future using device snapshots, backup copies, Exchange Web Services (EWS) and Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP).

Expanding the Reach of eDiscovery

 It is clear that Mimosa is committed to expanding and extending eDiscovery's reach within the enterprise. As NearPoint evolves and Mimosa works to achieve a speedier, more effective and better quality management tools, users can expect to see even more focus paid to information access and data capture.