Mimosa Offers Global Archiving Solution for Sharepoint
In December Mimosa released the NearPoint Retention and Classification Option. In January, they introduced the "Move to Mimosa" Legacy Migration Program. What is new for Mimosa Nearpoint in March you ask?

Delivery of its Mimosa NearPoint for SharePoint content archiving solution to support retention, eDiscovery and recovery.

NearPoint for SharePoint

What is evident by the news is that Mimosa’s NearPoint for SharePoint will now offer complete content archiving, data protection and e-Discovery support for Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007. It will also provide the only content archive solution to address requirements for storage optimization, recovery, information access and e-Discovery in a single offering.

Mimosa added features to NearPoint that allow an IT department to capture all of the content on SharePoint sites or farms. NearPoint captures documents, document libraries, database content, front-end servers, configuration databases, administrative databases, search databases and anything else necessary to permit full archiving and recovery, as well as find documents that exist within different libraries and SharePoint sites.

It does a full capture of all content at the onset and then an ongoing capture of any and all changes. This allows administrators to use NearPoint to do a full recovery if a SharePoint site crashes or an item-level recovery if a single document or piece of content is lost.

Recently, we had a chance to ask Barry Murphy, Director of Product Marketing for Mimosa Systems a few questions about this new development.

Unified Archiving Strategy

Back in September, Mimosa was focused on its "unified archiving strategy". It allowed for file archiving from Windows file shares and sought to add other integration sources, eventually. Since then, it has evolved. Here's how:

Mimosa: Mimosa released File System Archiving (FSA) to become a true integrated content archive. Unlike other FSA products in the market that store content in multiple archive instantiations, NearPoint is the next-generation single repository -- all content is stored in one highly-scalable archive. This allows customers to cut storage costs through single-instancing files and email content -- regardless of the underlying storage-- and to lower eDiscovery costs with one repository to search for email and file data.

Further, it provides risk reduction because there is one simple interface for legal staff to execute legal hold across all user-generated content. The release of NearPoint for SharePoint only adds to the types of content NearPoint managers and extends the value of the platform to another high-volume user-generated content source.

Information Management and Compliance

As businesses struggle to meet government and industry regulations regarding data access, archiving, retrieval and protection, issues of information management and compliance abound. How will Mimosa help companies institute a comprehensive information management and archiving strategy?

Mimosa: Mimosa will help companies institute a comprehensive strategy by offering email, file system and SharePoint archiving modules. In this way Mimosa helps customers address ALL the high-volume content sources that have been so difficult to manage for the purposes of compliance and eDiscovery.

In addition, by keeping the platform open with our SDK and developing our partner ecosystem, we ensure that customers can get more and more sources of data into the archive and get data from the archive into downstream applications easily.

Future Endeavors

The last year has been a busy one for Mimosa. With 2009 keeping them focused on content archiving, what is next for Mimosa and Nearpoint?

Mimosa: While many customers like the NearPoint shadowing capabilities and use NearPoint for both Exchange backup and archiving, there are customers that want to use NearPoint in conjunction with their existing Exchange backup solution.

Mimosa will support integration with partners' backup strategies and will be able to archive from sources like Data Protection Manager (DPM) and NetApp SnapManager for Exchange. In this way, Mimosa will be able to offer "shadow-less" archiving in addition to the combined backup/archiving solution that we have traditionally offered.

Mimosa will also offer cloud-based capture wherein we will support both on-premise and hosted versions of Exchange. All of this will give customers flexibility - both in managing the amount of data they store and how they capture that data.

Adding SharePoint support to NearPoint lets Mimosa customers move data from the application into the Mimosa archive to improve performance and speed up backups. You can buy Mimosa for SharePoint as a standalone product or as part of the Mimosa NearPoint content archiving solution.