Mimosa Serves Up New NearPoint Release
For companies faced with limitations in their first-generation email archiving systems, who are contemplating the inevitable compliance-related upgrade with trepidation due to the sheer mass of data already archived in the old system, Mimosa now offers a "Move to Mimosa" Legacy Migration Program.

Mimosa states this program will enable customers currently employing first-generation archiving products to seamlessly upgrade to the next-generation Mimosa NearPoint platform. To promote the deployment of their NearPoint product line they have bundled custom migration services at a discount.

Companies are facing increasing regulations pertaining to compliance for accessibility and eDiscovery of their massive volume of email data. Some first-generation legacy systems present challenges due to a combination of the following weaknesses:

  • Lack of performance and scalability
  • Impact on Exchange servers
  • High cost of operations
  • Staleness of the technology
  • Feature limitations

Move to Mimosa Legacy Migration Program

Mimosa states their "Move to Mimosa" Legacy Migration Program was designed to enable customers  a migration pathway to a new email and file archiving solution without experiencing downtime.

With their announced revamping of pricing structure coupled with additional complimentary services, Mimosa is aiming to attract new customers for their archiving solution offerings. The program includes:

  • A 50 percent license discount on Mimosa NearPoint until the end of June 2009 for customers replacing a first-generation archiving solution
  • Archiving of email, instant messages, public folders, calendars and contacts with integration with Exchange and Outlook
  • Flexible and granular retention management
  • Intuitive eDiscovery
  • Seamless end-user search and browse of archived email
  • Instant search and access to email that has been protected, archived and extended via a standard Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Web Access user interface
  • Integrated data protection and recovery for full database recovery, mailbox recovery and individual message restores
  • Scalability and availability based on grid architecture that leverages commodity servers and storage
  • Zero footprint on production Exchange Servers of desktops
  • Free Migration Strategy and Solution Design

The “Move To Mimosa”  program relies on "Mimosa Certified Partners"  with core expertise in email and file archiving to export content from legacy archives and import that content into the NearPoint archive.

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