Mimosa Systems Retention and Classification

Earlier this fall Mimosa released a new solution -- email archiving -- as an addition to its NearPoint product. Tomorrow, they'll announce another new addition, aimed at classifying and tagging archived content.

Mimosa NearPoint Retention and Classification Option (RCO) is an add-on module to the Mimosa NearPoint platform that can help organizations lower storage costs and expedite eDiscovery by enabling automated management of user-generated content based on policy.

Faced with increases in both storage costs and user-generated content, many companies are in need of a solution that makes information management more efficient as well as affordable.

Mimosa NearPoint RSO helps to reduce or completely eliminate the need for manual end-user classification of user generated content. Automated data management like this allows companies to gain more control over their email repositories, which can both manage volume and reduce costs.

Building off of its archiving solutions, Mimosa NearPoint RCO can help retain all critical information with relevant tags, making the search and discovery process more streamlined.

The new option uses granular business rules to automatically set retention periods and apply specific tags to content. These tags can drive multiple actions such as marking a piece of content as potentially responsive to an ongoing investigation or legal matter, or explicitly declaring content a business record as part of the company file plan.

In addition, RCO makes eDiscovery faster with new features that:

  • Classify any content coming into the archive based on business rules such as sender, receiver, phrases, keywords, numbers in the body, attachment, or file
  • Apply new policies or changes to existing policies on historical content in place in the NearPoint archive, without re-archiving the original content
  • Provide an intuitive user console to centrally manage retention, review judgments and disposition rules of individual or groups of business records
  • Enable administrators to subscribe to policies and receive emails whenever the archive detects a policy hit
  • Scan and manage sensitive data at rest in the archive, or integrate with a third-party data loss prevention supplier by using the Mimosa Software Developer Kit (SDK)

If you're looking to improve storage costs and expedite eDiscovery, Mimosa NearPoint Retention and Classification Option might just be the tool to help.

For more information, visit www.mimosasystems.com.