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  • Email Categorization Aids in eDiscovery and Better Document Management

    Recommind, a software vendor we've covered in the past, has announced the availability of the latest version of their Decisiv Email software. Version 2.3 brings new functionality to the e-mail categorization software product including automated contacts management and enhanced search.

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  • Mimosa Launches Legacy Migration Program

    For companies faced with limitations in their first-generation email archiving systems, who are contemplating the inevitable compliance-related upgrade with trepidation due to the sheer mass of data already archived in the old system, Mimosa now offers a "Move to Mimosa" Legacy Migration Program.

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  • Can't Tell an Email Archive from a Backup Solution?

    Just when you think we've come so far, a report comes along and makes you question the whole thing. Case in point, a recent CMS Watch report found that enterprises tend to confuse e-mail archiving with traditional back-up and recovery. What? Really? We couldn't make this up if we tried.

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  • ColumbiaSoft Addresses Enterprise Email Compliance

    ColumbiaSoft has released Email Archive -- a new email research, retrieval and compliance application. While heavily utilizing ColumbiaSoft's Document Locator -- an enterprise document management solution -- Email Archive has a helping hand in the area of email management, which makes this package even more valuable.

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