Recommind Decisiv E-mail Categorization Product Updated
Recommind, a software vendor we've covered in the past, has announced the availability of the latest version of their Decisiv Email software. Version 2.3 brings new functionality to the e-mail categorization software product including automated contacts management and enhanced search.

An Email Mess

Anyone who deals with even a light load of email management would agree that email is a business communication tool that can easily get cumbersome if not managed and categorized correctly. To help combat this, there are enterprise-level email archiving solutions including Symantec Vault that ease the process of archiving and storage of old email messages.

Even with email archiving software in place, storage can still get out of hand. Tools such as Decisiv Email from Recommind aim to take email archiving to the next level by implementing tools such as tagging, contact management, and auto-suggestion. Decisiv automatically tags and files incoming and outgoing messages with minimal user involvement.

Additionally, Decisiv integrates directly with existing messaging systems such as Microsoft Outlook in order to have a consistent and familiar user interface.

Another new feature that has been integrated is the ability to integrate with Interwoven's WorkSite Document Management System.

Aiding eDiscovery

Having your email adequately archived and search-able obviously aids in eDiscovery, should these materials be necessary to retrieve. However, in many organizations, trying to find and harvest this data is difficult because users don't use archival tools correctly.  Decisiv Email tries to utilize ease-of-use to combat this issue, as CEO Robert Tennant says:

"In most organizations, the majority of email is never filed, because people can keep up with dragging the same emails from the same client to the same folder over and over and over again,Decisiv Email handles all the tedious work of tagging and filing email-based information behind the scenes, so the user never has to think about it.  It works so well because it's so simple to use and provides tremendous value to the user."

What strategies does your organization have with regards to filing and categorizing email? Is email a content manager's worst enemy? Please leave a comment below.